Kazakhstan in bright colors

The game "Kazakhstan in bright colors" is an online version of everyone's favorite puzzle game. The task is simple, you need to collect a picture of the individual pieces. In the game "Kazakhstan in bright colors!", You will find more than 300 pictures for assembly. Control of the game by using the mouse. All puzzle pieces are in a separate tab of the interface. To find the desired piece of the puzzle, use the mouse wheel or the arrows located near the tab with the pieces. Click on the element of the puzzle, and holding the left click, drag the puzzle piece to the assembly field. After that, the piece can be dragged and rotated just by clicking on it with the left mouse click. Pieces are interconnected when you bring them to each other in the right direction. In the game interface there is an opportunity to bring the puzzles closer, 4 times, this will allow you to better see the puzzle and speed up the assembly process.

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